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Sport Psychology Consultant   Colleen Sager, M.S. is the owner and founder of Mind Games Pro Performance Consulting and current Bolton Endurance Sports Training (BEST) staff Sports Psychology Consultant.  While working towards her B.S. in Psychology at New Mexico State University (NMSU), she spent her spare time racing throughout New Mexico and Arizona for NMSU’s cycling team.  Training her mind for athletics never occurred to her until her first 100-mile bike ride with her father, when she crashed mentally 60 miles in.  When she returned to school after this particular ride, she researched Sport Psychology and immediately knew this was something she wanted to study.  After earning her degree, Colleen attended Ithaca College where she studied Sport Psychology under one of the nation’s top sport psychology consultants – Greg Shelley.

While working towards her Master’s Degree, Colleen founded Mind Games Pro Performance Consulting and worked with a wide range of athletes and exercisers ranging in experience from beginner, to NCAA athletes.  She has helped develop teams, build the confidence of individual athletes and instilled tools to help exercisers reach their goals.

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