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Stacee is a USAT & USAC Certified Coach.  She has a lifetime of experience as an athlete and has competed in cycling and triathlon.  She has been working with and coaching competitive and recreational athletes since 2008.  Her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology gives her a unique understanding of the human body and how to adapt workload and training stress to get the best out of each individual athlete she trains around the world.  She has coached all levels from children, youth and adults. Many of these athletes have become Elite National and World Champions in the sport of triathlon.

Stacee is USAT Paratriathlon Certified Coach and as the Head Coach for Dare2tri and owner of Handcycle Chicago. She has been instrumental in the growth and coaching in the sport of Paratriathlon since its inception and introduction as an Olympic sport in 2010 and has trained handcyclists that race all over the country.

Australian based Swim Smooth Certified Coach – Stacee has studied under owner Paul Newsome since 2012 and has been one of the first US Certified coaches. She is expertly trained in 1-2-1 under water video analysis and stroke correction as well as runs Australian Based Swim Squads for triathlon and open water instruction She also runs swim clinics across the U.S.

She also runs Power based Computrainer Classes in and around the Chicagoland area where she uses her knowledge of training and racing with power to increase speed and power output of athletes in the sport of cycling through a tested and proven method of classes using periodization training, bike fit, pedal stroke efficiency and technique as well as threshold testing to guarantee results.

Her coaching philosophy is based on passion for her athletes, love of the sport and helping her athletes stay healthy and train smart while creating balance in their lives.

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