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Robert Haviland holds a BS in Accounting, an AS in Physical Therapy and a MS in Exercise Physiology/Sports Performance& Rehab Science. Robert is also a C.S.C.S (certified strength/conditioning specialist), C.E.S (corrective exercise specialist), and C.N.C (certified nutritional consultant). In addition to being a Healthcare professional with 20 years experience in providing sports medicine, work hardening, aquatic, inpatient, outpatient and home-health rehab services for athletes, adults and geriatrics, Robert is an adjunct instructor at Indian River State College in the Physical Therapy department. Additionally, Robert is a Multi-Sport Performance Coach for Bolton Endurance Sports Training and Marine Safety Officer-Ocean rescue lifeguard. Robert’s athletic background includes being a former collegiate Division 1-AA football player, multiple USAT All-American Triathlete and 2-time World Championship Ironman Hawaii Qualifier and Ironman Florida finisher.  Furthermore, Robert has won over 150 multi-sports events.   Moreover, Robert also enjoys surfing, paddle-boarding, baseball and basketball.

Currently Robert is in pursuit of a PHD degree. Robert combines his knowledge, understanding and 30 years experience as a competitive triathlete and United States Lifesaving Ocean Lifeguard to develop safe, effective and customized training plans. Robert’s objective working with today’s typical multi-sport athlete is to promote a functional training program designed to address factors involving integrated balance, stability, mobility, movement efficiency, appropriate forms of flexibility, agile strength and neuromuscular control by training in different types of environments (stable to unstable) and training in different planes of motion (frontal, lateral, transverse).

In summation, the goal with each athlete is to build a solid foundation by developing strength/power gained through multiple joints and planes and reinforcing quality proprioceptive movement patterns that will create flexible, durable athletes.

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