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B.E.S.T. Office Manager & Associate Coach

Melissa has been a part of Bolton Endurance Sports Training since day one.  She was initially hired and continues in her capacity as the Office Manager/Bookkeeper, but because of her background in endurance sports and athletics as well as her coaching experience in prep sports she quickly became interested in coaching endurance athletes.  Melissa’s experience in endurance sports is primarily in running and cycling.  She has completed a couple of marathons, several half marathons and 10k’s, and was an active racer in the New Mexico Cycling circuit for several years.  Because she never spent much time swimming, she never thought that triathlon was a possibility, but after being convinced by some friends she decided she would give it a go.  The first thing she did was hire her coach, Ryan Bolton, who also gave her the confidence that she could certainly compete in triathlon.  Under Ryan’s coaching, Melissa competed in her first Sprint Tri in 2015 and had successful seasons in 2015- 2016 competing in both the Sprint and Olympic distances.  Her half marathon time has also improved significantly.  She understands the importance of having the right coach and following their guidance to maximize your fitness potential.

Melissa’s first experience with coaching started in 2005 when she was hired as the assistant varsity girls’ basketball coach for one of the local high schools in Santa Fe.  She served in this capacity for two seasons before transferring over to the volleyball program at the same high school for the next 6-years.  This experience was invaluable and taught her many great lessons about preparing athletes physically, mentally and emotionally for competition.

Under Ryan’s mentorship, Melissa started coaching endurance athletes in 2016.  She has been coaching triathletes, duathletes, cyclists and runners.  Her greatest fulfillment in coaching is guiding her athletes to reach their full potential and watching them succeed on race day!

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