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Kyle Buckingham is a professional triathlete from South Africa. He has been in the sport of triathlon for the past 13 years.  He took up triathlon at the late age of 25, when he was living and working in London as an Electrician. Kyle’s love for triathlon was strong even though he had no experience in swimming, cycling & running and competed in his first triathlon at Ironman South Africa in 2009 as an amateur. He grew strongly each year while still working in London with a full time manual labor job and placed into the top & podium positions in his age category in every race he did. Kyle in 2013 had a break through year as an amateur winning every amateur race he competed in, including the Ironman World Championships in Kona, in a time of 8:37hr and placing 16th overall including the professional field. Kyle turned professional in 2014 and won his first race at Ironman Lake Placid. Since then Kyle has won 3 Ironman races and competed in Kona 9 times, including as an amateur and been on the top of many podiums as well.

Kyle’s love for coaching has been a huge passion of his, as he wants to share his triathlon experience and knowledge that he has gained over all these years within the sport. Kyle loves to see his athletes always striving for better and is motivated to be behind his athletes 100% of the time.

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