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Jonathan retired from racing triathlon in 2019. He competed for 12 years, eight of which he raced professionally. He competed in over 30 full Ironmans with a PR of 8:20:21 at IM Arizona in 2015.  He also competed in just under 30 half Ironmans with a PR of 3:45:59 in 2017 at 70.3 Calgary.

He fell in love with how difficult the sport is and how many factors go into being really fast. While his goal was never to be the best, he was interested in trying to be as fast he could while still keeping it fun. That meant dedicating himself to learning and understanding all of the things that go into being really FAST. What he learned is that recovery, technique and bio mechanics, aerodynamics and bike fitting, muscular imbalances and strength training, attitude and sports psychology, hydration, nutrition and diet, pacing, fitness tracking, equipment choices and so many more things all play a vital role in improving speed.

The real joy for him was seeing how many things he could get right in training and then making as few mistakes as possible on race day. For the past 12 years training and racing triathlon has been his life and now he is dedicating all of his time and energy into being the BEST coach he can possibly be.  If you are interested in being as fast as you can possibly be, while having a good time (most of the time) then let Jonathan be your guide.

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