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Eileen’s career started in laboratory research and developed into a very successful sales career. After completing her BS in Biology from Rutgers University, she continued researching The Neuroendocrine Control of Reproduction. One application of this research is to understand why elite female athletes hit puberty much later than their peers. After leaving Rutgers she worked for Degussa Corporation where they developed sold and implemented specialty software for the application of specific vitamins and amino acids. This experience has been integral to my deep understanding of sports nutrition, body systems, and recovery.

Eileen discovered Triathlon in 2004, placing 3rd female overall in the mountain bike division of the Chicago Triathlon. She was forever hooked. Other significant races and finishes include:

1st place: 2008 Chicago Cyclocross Cup Series
1st place: 2008 Illinois Cyclocross State Championship
1st place-2008 W-4 ABD 40k Team Time Trial

Top 3 finishes: 2008-2009 Cyclocross Season, 10 of 13 podium finishes
Top 3 finishes: Time Trials 2 person 40k and 4 person 60k

AG Triathlon podiums: Numerous Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron distance and Xterra Ironman Races: Ironman Lake Placid 2016

She plans to use her race experience and proven strategy to empower the triathletes she works with. Eileen has found with a little hard work, consistency and the right training program, one can make tremendous strides in endurance sports.

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