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Brayton “Brady” Bailey has been an active member of the triathlon and endurance sports community for well over ten years. After going to college in Richmond, VA and racing throughout the East Coast, he decided to bring his training up to altitude in the high desert of Santa Fe, NM. It was here that he met Ryan Bolton, a 2000 Sydney Olympic Triathlete competitor who would become his coach, mentor, and friend.

The time spent in Santa Fe was pivotal in creating a framework for Brayton’s ability to build quality training plans, promote smart recovery practices, and to take a mindful approach to life and racing. It’s also where he began to understand the importance of having a coaching philosophy that reflects the demands of endurance sports, but also highlights the unique journey and adventures that the training and racing provide.

After a couple of years in the high desert, Brayton made his way to Tucson, Arizona and endured the high heat of the low desert while also cycling from the desert floor to the top of Mount Lemon, 9166ft. where 86 degrees F would transition into hail and 48 degree temperatures on the roughly 30 mile ascent up, to numb hands on the steep way down.

In late 2013, Brady relocated to the San Diego area, famous as a breeding ground for professional endurance sports athletes. He settled at Cardiff-By-The Sea, north of San Diego on the coast, a hot spot for runners, cyclists and ocean swimmers.

Hoping to improve his running and cycling in a less crowded environment, that was recommended to him by his professional acquaintances, he relocated to Sonoma County in Northern California where he lives, coaches, and trains. The training in Sonoma County couldn’t be more perfect, with plenty of undulating hills, grueling climbs up craggy mountain ranges, great running trails, and the San Francisco Bay available for open water training. Brayton’s dedication to endurance sports has provided him with a network of massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and bike mechanics in the county that he regularly recommends to his athletes.

Brayton is a USAT Level 1 Certified Coach, has raced in a plethora of distances from Sprint Triathlons to Ironman, and has competed in several 70.3 World Championships including: Mont Treblant, Quebec and Zell-am-See, Austria.

Coaching is always based on the individual needs of the athlete and Brayton will help guide you to race and train at your full potential. He is an expert at evaluating your performance and training data using the latest metrics analyzing your progress in swimming, cycling and running.

If you are ready to bring your racing to the next level or just getting started in endurance sports, contact Brayton at: