Coaching, Training, Camps.

Name:  Susan Lines

Sport:   Running

Age Group:  55-59

Hometown:  Auburn, AL

Number of Years Racing/Competing:  10

B.E.S.T. Coach: Sarah Portella

Racing Career Highlights:  7 Half Marathons, Numerous 5Ks and 10Ks, Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlons

Susan, a retired HR Director, didn’t get into triathlon or running until she turned 40. She was a dancer in her younger years. A bit later, her husband got her on a bike and that motivated her to do a triathlon by the time she was turning 45. For the next several years, Susan was hooked, but soon realized she loved running more than anything else. And for the last several years Susan has focused her time on it.

When Susan is not running a 5k or 10k, she loves to read. She’ll dive into fiction and non-fiction alike. Her favorite genre would be psychological thrillers or historical fiction. She’s also a fan of sitting by the pool reading chick books!

Susan and her husband, Tom, are pretty cool! They travel a lot, going to national parks and hiking for vacation.  In 2021, they finished visiting all 50 states! This was a bucket list item for Susan after Tom had finished in 2017. Now that the journey is complete, they are moving on to a new goal: major league ballparks. She has visited 13 so far, so has a way to go, but many baseball games are in her future! Other travel plans include going to Greece and spending quality time at the beach.