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Name:  Harold Green

Sport:  Triathlons, Marathons

Hometown: Suffern, New York

Age Group: 70 to 74

Number of years competing: 9+

B.E.S.T. Coach: Eileen Neville

Recent Career Highlights:

  • 2011: New York City Marathon; Qualified for Boston Marathon-4:13
  • 2015- 2nd in Age Group at IM Lake Placid-70-74
  • 2016- 2nd in Age Group at IM Lake Placid-70-74
  • 2016- 3rd in Age Group- IM Louisville- 70-74
  • 2017- Qualified for World Championship in South Africa at IM Wilmington
  • 2018- Won Age Group at the Rutgers 1/2 Marathon 70-74

Harold really didn’t get started in competitive racing until he discovered that his wife had incurable cancer. He realized that he’d better start taking care of himself and that included rigorous exercise and a better nutrition plan. He did a few 1/2 marathons and at the age of 64 completed his first full marathon albeit a time of 5:40 in 90 degree heat. He joined the local running club and in October of that year ran the NYC Marathon in 4:13. Harold got the competitive bug and went on for the next 9 years to do 5 marathons including Boston and Disney Goofy, 16 1/2 marathons, 5 1/2 IM’s and 3 Full IM’s. His wife passed away 5 years ago but not before she gave her blessings for IM Lake Placid. She has been a tremendous inspiration for him to continue his journey to qualify for Kona.

He continues to train under the tutelage of Eileen and have 2- 1/2 IM planned this year and depending on the weather, hopefully go back to Wilmington. He looks forward to 2019, but  his major goal will be 2020 when he moves up an age group and hopefully reaches his ultimate goal in of winning his age group in the Ironman.

He is currently enrolled in the Integrative Nutrition program and will receive his certificate to be a Certified Nutrition Coach.