Coaching, Training, Camps.

Name:  Elizabeth Emery

Sport:  Cycling, Running

Age Group:  50-55

Hometown:  Cleveland, OH

Number of Years Racing/Competing:  Since late 80s

B.E.S.T. Coach:  Tove Shere

Racing Career Highlights:

  • 1997 US National Time Trial Championships
  • 1997 5th World Championship Time Trial
  • 1999 Pan American Games Time Trial Champion
  • 1998 Pan American Championship Champion
  • 2000 US Olympic Long Team Member
  • 3x finisher of the Women’s Tour de France

Elizabeth is a former professional cyclist who has been interested and involved in sports since before the passage of Title IX. In the ’90s, she raced bicycles professionally, traveling all over the country and the world. She won the US Time Trial National Championship, a gold medal in the Pan American Games, the Pan American Championships, and the Tour of Japan. She raced in The Tour de France for many years when it was called The Grand Boucle, and in multiple World Championships for Team USA.

Elizabeth started racing bikes while she was working in New York City in her 20s thanks to the city’s active touring and racing community. Before then she played soccer, rode horses, practiced yoga, and jumped on the Jane Fonda aerobics bandwagon. Now, Elizabeth mostly rides and runs but also hikes, kayaks, swims in Lake Erie, and generally stays active. More than anything she loves to train as a way to experience movement and body awareness and to get outside.  She started working with Tove to push herself and discover competing again. Her main goal is to race a half marathon.

Elizabeth hosts and produces Hear Her Sports –, a podcast of intimate profiles with female athletes living with power and confidence. Talking to her guests every other week is what inspired her to increase her own training and literally put herself on a starting line again.