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Name:  Ben Miller

Sport:  Triathlon

Age Group:  40-45

Hometown:  Battle Creek, MI

Number of Years Racing/Competing:  4 years

B.E.S.T. Coach:  Jimi Young

Ben Miller is the oldest grandchild of a Michigan State University Baseball record holder, and he was exposed at an early age to the value of athletics. Although he participated in a wide variety of competitive team sports growing up, his primary focus and accomplishment were as a goalie in Ice Hockey, playing competitively beyond high school.

Following the end of his competitive athletic career, Ben’s athletic activities were intermittent participation in recreational golf and softball with a drop-in hockey game or two. After turning 39, he realized that his lack of exercise had caught up with him and began to slowly make diet and lifestyle changes to get in better shape. In 2015, after listening to Ben talk about his first 5k, and considering his regular bike commute to work, a co-worker suggested he consider doing a triathlon.

With no experience in competitive swimming, running or cycling, Ben thought the suggestion was pure insanity. But, after some investigation and consideration, he quietly issued a challenge to himself and committed to doing one before he turned 40. It wasn’t long before 2016 arrived and with his birthday getting closer every day, Ben signed up for Sprint distance race.

Two days after competing in that race, he signed up for another and began his journey in age group competition. After completing his goal of running monthly 5k’s and participating in 3 sprint races in one season, Ben decided the next year to extend his distances and focus on 10k’s and finishing an Olympic distance. Once he completed that goal in 2018, Ben realized that he had hit the ceiling on what he could do on his own and would need help to improve his times and reach for longer distances and higher goals. In 2019, Ben under the guidance of BEST and Ultimate Multisport coach Jimi Young, he participated in 10 races, received AG awards in two 5k’s, one 10k and three Olympic length Triathlons, including two Olympic race PR’s. He also finished his first IM 70.3 and qualified for the 2020 Olympic AG National Championship.

Today, everyone knows training and competitive Triathlons are an integral part of his life.  When he isn’t training or competing, Ben is spending time with his nieces, watching Michigan State and Cubs games or looking for a warm beach and good book.