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Bolton Endurance Sports Training specializes in providing coaching and educational services to endurance athletes.  Our mission is to provide you with the best possible service in designing a training plan that is suitable for your lifestyle and one that maximizes your potential to reach or exceed your athletic ability.  Whether you’re a novice or an experienced athlete, we have a program that will help achieve your performance goals.


“Tom has coached me for several years and I have been totally pleased with his efforts and guidance. He understood me as an athlete and a person so his training really worked for me. He was always there when I needed him and he made me a better athlete.”

From 73 year old Judie Shyman, oldest woman entered in this year’s IMAZ

Coach Tom Manzi’s guidance and instruction has enabled me to go from a 215 pound middle of the pack age grouper, to a 165 pound regular podium finisher.  This year I was even able to grab a qualifying spot at Olympic Distance AG Nationals!  If you’re serious about Triathlon, there’s no one better to get you where you want to go…with his expert guidance and instruction I’m able to fit valuable and focused training seamlessly into my busy work and parenting schedule.  He’s got “Working SMARTER not harder” down to a science. “His coaching is invaluable.”

From R. Brennan

“I can’t recommend Tom highly enough.  I started late in Triathlon at the age of 47.  My first training camp with Tom, I couldn’t swim 25 yards without hanging on the end of the pool to catch my breath.  Over the last 10 years Tom has taken me from watching other athletes stand on the podium, to being on the podium.  I have participated in over 9 IM triathlons including going to Kona in 2015 for the IM World Championships.  Also, Tom coached me to the duathlon World Championships in Nancy, France in 2012.  I’m not a spectacular athlete, but if you follow the program you can do things you never thought possible.”

From G. Brasher

“From someone who has had a few coaches that even coached professional athlete, I would suggest Tom to coach everybody I know. He has the experience and wisdom to coach World Champion bound athletes and new athletes. His plan was easy to follow and made to fit into my life’s schedule. He was encouraging and truly believed in my abilities.  He biked, ran, and swam with me offering me tips every step of the way.  Coaching and results for his athletes is very personal to him and it shows. Tom has integrity and a heart of gold, not often found anymore. He is your next coach.”

From A. Gergen